Windows Administrator Password Recovery

Windows Administrator Password Recovery

I recently wrote an article on about securing your passwords and how to make them a little bit more complex without forgetting them. Well, that’s kind of the problem for most of us. I have a host of passwords, about 32 different passwords and none of them are eight characters long. Most of my passwords can be as long as 25 or even 48 characters. Granted, that may be a little excessive for most of us but I’m a network administrator and security is extremely important.

For the average person you usually will see eight characters or more. However, most people are using things that are a little bit too simple and even placing sticky notes on your computer monitor with the password. No, don’t laugh! I’ve actually seen this. If not that, then taped underneath the keyboard or somewhere on the desk easy to find.

Anyway, what happens when you follow my directions in my Article and you have a long secure complex passphrase that you forgot. Now you have a real serious problem. Well, what I usually do is utilize a password reset program if I’m in real serious trouble. At times, I have clients that actually come to me and are locked out of their computer and need the files that are on it immediately.

This is where reset programs come in handy to reset the administrator password and it’s very easy to use. Most times you can unlock a computer in five minutes with the right software. Here’s a nifty little piece of software that I would recommend you have in your tool chest. You never know when you’re going to be locked out or forget your password.

Here’s a Computer Tip:  Always have two accounts even if you’re the only user of the computer system. One account should be the administrator account and the other account needs to be yours. The administrator account has full rights and authority to do all things on the computer. Your account on the other hand, should be a restricted account. This way, viruses and other Trojans will have limited access to your computer and filesystem.

Some people activate the on-board encryption system that’s built into some versions of Windows. If you do this and you change the password from an external source, your encrypted files can be lost. So with this in mind if you have forgotten your password to let’s say, both accounts. You only need to reset the administrator account to access the computer and you’ll be able to change the password for the user account in the appropriate way.

Now, this nifty little program is not very costly and it comes in a corporate edition and a personal edition for windows operating systems 32 or 64 bit. It Called “Password Resetter“; Get It Now Before It’s To Late!

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