Walter Panas High School 35th Reunion Picture Show

WalterPanasBuildingWho would’ve thought that I would be going to my 35th year’s high school reunion? Well I did finally go and it was fabulous. Seeing so many people that I haven’t seen for years brought back so many childhood memories and fun times that you can cherish.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the things we’re doing, we forget about the people we grew up with. Well, after 35 years I finally decided to go to my high school reunion. My high school friends have been doing the reunion for quite some time, I think it started about 10 years after high school. However, it took me 35 years to finally attend the high school reunion. Now that I went, I wondered why it took me so long to go.

Seeing all of the people you grew up with, love and had fun with when I was growing up, was fabulous. The event was in Tarrytown New York at a very nice hotel. The arrangements was very well thought out and there was plenty to eat. The day before the main event there was a small gathering of classmates at the hotel bar. This was a very comfortable gathering and it was very nice. It was always great to see the people you grew up with and have such a lovely time with.

The next evening it was time to go register and get your official name badge with your high school graduation photo on it. Since I was always into photography as a student in high school I decided to start taking photographs and went into the ball room after taking some lobby shots. As I gazed around the beautiful arrangements and noticed a table over to the right as you enter the ball room. This table was laid out with pictures in frames and each of those pictures was of our deceased friend’s. When you look at these, a tear would almost come to your eyes as you realize that some of them were the very same people you played with, went to school with, visited their home, road bikes with and just had plain old fun with. You can’t help but to wonder if you came to a reunion just a little bit earlier, would you have gotten to see them?

Moving around the room I noticed the great big Walter Panas banner hanging in front of the ballroom and just off to the left was a DJ; in the back of the room was a Walter Panas cake; couldn’t wait for that. As everyone entered the ballroom, we jockeyed for positions to find the tables that was best suited. Almost like when we were in the cafeteria jockeying for tables, it seems that our old childhood habits never went anywhere. The only difference here was that we were a slight bit older and had a more willingness to move around and have conversations with other longtime friends.

For a while, the music was rocking, but I got to say that it would have been much nicer if the DJ could keep the music in the 70′s. Considering, we were in the 70′s era and the 70′s music would’ve brought even more joy to all of us. Still, it was good enough to get up on the floor and shake your groove thing and try not to get hurt doing it.

However, when it came time to dancing I noticed that most of the men were not on the floor. I wonder, are we getting that old? Well, not me I might add. I was up on the floor doing my thing as long as it did not acquire me to get down low. If I had, I would be afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get up ever. Ha ha!

The evening almost seemed to have lasted for a long time, until the lights came on than you realized things were moving quite fast. Time always seems to go fast when you’re having fun. The problem is that most of us were trying to continue the night as if we were young bucks. I must admit, I was one of them as well. Not wanting the night to end or the event to stop so that I can enjoy the company of my youth time friends.

Breakfast time finally came in the morning so I had to settle down and become more reasonable; the night was over. Although I went to bed at 5 o’clock in the morning, I was up and ready to eat by 9:30 AM. I can’t say bright eyed and bushy tailed, I can say red-eye and tired. Breakfast was prepared for us and it was a good meal with genuinely beautiful company. Unfortunately, it seems that Sunday was the last day even though the website said we would be going through Columbus Day weekend. I assume, we would finally stopped partying by Monday, but I have to admit, we are getting older and some of us have other things to do.

You know what would have been really cool? If on Sunday we had put together some bowling teams and went bowling or something of the sort to keep our classmates together.

Even though it seemed short, it was still a very wonderful experience and I truly enjoyed my youth time friends. The only thing I can say from this point if God blesses us to be able to return to the 40th year high school reunion; I think I’ll be there.

Well, for those who have missed the Walter Panas High School 35th reunion and those that went, I’ve put together a picture show. You can download it by clicking this link. There are two files; the first file is the zip file that contains the executable (.exe) that will run on your computer. There is also a hash file so that you can determine if there has been any malicious changes to the executable. If the hash matches, then no change has been done and the executable is genuine. However, if the hash is not the same, then do not run the program and contact me for an original. File size is 213MB. WPHS.exe HASH: SHA256: 71f05cc5ba926ae0bdecfd6dd295e758ecbcd3d8dd5593db25de8abbc4af0c68

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6 thoughts on “Walter Panas High School 35th Reunion Picture Show

  1. James,
    What a magnificent piece of work. Thank you so much for capturing our memories in such a beautiful way. It was a pleasure seeing, and spending time with you. Stay in touch.

  2. Julie Adams on

    You did an outstanding job capturing the moments of our 35th reunion. Thank you for taking the time to do this and in such a professional manner! I completely enjoyed watching every moment!

  3. Thank you both Teresa and Julie for leaving a comment.

    I’m so happy you enjoyed the show. I just wanted to do something nice for all of my friend. I had such a great time at the 35th reunion that I had to do something to show just how much I missed everyone. :-)

  4. Laurie Franz Vallone on

    You did an outstanding job on the slide show, capturing our 35th reunion with so many great shots of our classmates. Thank you so very much for your dedication to putting ths together so we may all enjoy and relive the evening. Great Job James!!

  5. Laurie Franz Vallone on

    What a fantastic slideshow! You truly did an awesome job capturing so many great shots of our classmates. It was wonderful to relive the evening. Thank you so very much for your dedication in putting this together for all of us to enjoy!

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