Social Bookmark Step-By-Step Setup

This post is strictly a tutorial on how to set up a social bookmark campaign. It is a step-by-step process on how to do so correctly. Just simply follow the images and instructions below to get set up and on your way. If you would like to read the initial article just go to: “Social Bookmarking Makes Money – Tagging“.

Social Bookmark Step-By-Step

SocialADR1First, click on the image of SocialADR or HERE to go to the SocialADR Bookmark site so we can sign up for a free account. Once you click either, it will open up in a separate browser window. Add your name and email address and click sign up now.






SocialADR2Once you sign up you will receive information that tells you about their lazy account which cost a little bit of money not a whole lot. However, you can skip through by going to the bottom of the link saying no thanks to get to the free account. If you choose later to upgrade to the paid account which I would recommend, you can simply do that inside your free account. But signing up on the spot makes it extremely easy for you to complete the process and create a bookmark that drives itself.

By utilizing the paid account, everything is done automatically with the exception of writing your bookmark. However, once written everything else is automatic and it is shared automatically each and every month based on the plan you selected. This way, you’re able to focus your attention on other things without having to worry about your social bookmarks.

SocialADR3When you first log in you get a nice large size video that will explain everything you need to know about how to set up and start a campaign. It will talk to you about titles, URLs, description and tags. From there you will only need to press the start button to create your campaign which is located at the bottom of page.








SocialADR4Next, we only need to create a bookmark which is very simple to do. Simply click on the bookmark tab located at the top of the page. Once you get there you’re going to notice the place for the address, title, description and a tag. Over to the right you will notice a thing called spin view. The spin view is the ability to allow you to change the title with different words so that your title does not remain constant and be flagged as non-original by the search engines.

The same stands true in reference to the description. So what we will need to do is add some “Spin” to our title and description. Another word for it could be add some flair to our title and description.



SocialADR5From this point we need to fill in the gaps and start writing our description. When you first start just write your general description, we are going to add some flair to it in a moment. In my case, I’m using a pretty wicked URL, but remember it’s going to be bookmark so no one really has to remember it.





SocialADR6Once you’ve created your bookmark and added the title and description along with the tags, it’s simple to add a spin to it so that it becomes a little bit more unique. You will find that when you’re ad is being bookmark, it will be bookmarked with different titles and a description. This allows for uniqueness and is a very useful tool. Not sure, but I don’t think the free account permits spinning.

Once you completed the spin on your article, just simply click the spin preview and it will tell you if your spin is successful. Assuming that everything worked out just right, you only need to click save.




SocialADR7Once you’ve checked your ad and clicked on save, you’re brought to the default submission page where if you have selected the lazy plan you will notice that there is a status button that is green. From this point, you have absolutely nothing to do and you can simply log out. Please note that there is also an affiliate link at the bottom of the page and you are able to market and make money with this affiliate link. There is not much of anything else to do other than give out the link and check your affiliate tab located at the top of the page.

I trust that you enjoyed this short tutorial and I hope that it helps you get started in your journey with social bookmarking. If you get stuck somewhere just go to my contacts page on this site and send me a little note and I’ll be more than happy to help you along.


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