How To Install Prosper202 on HostGator


I know when I was trying to install Prosper202 on the Web server and there were hardly any tutorials that showed me what to do and I had to learn the hard way. This is the reason I decided to put together this little tutorial that will give you a general idea of exactly how to install Prosper202.

This install is going to be on HostGator and you’re more than welcome to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. Just click this link and let’s get started. This tutorial assumes that you know and/or have an FTP program.

Prosper 202 will not install any subdirectory for example: If you don’t have an add-on domain, you may want to purchase one which may only cost you about $12 a year from NameCheap. If you have to get one then point the DNS to HostGator and wait for Internet propagation before you start to install Prosper202.






  • Now give the database a name, in my case I’m going to name it “test” and click “Next Step”.
  • db2






  • Now add the user, for my I’m going to add the user name of “testman” with password “2xE#2[gLn6#7” and then click “Create User”.
  • db3










  • Now we need to give this user “ALL PRIVILEGES” and then click “Next Step”.













  • Well, that’s if for the database. Make sure you keep this information, you’ll need it.










  • Now we just upload the Prosper202 file to the root: “public_html/yourdomain”. Make sure you upload the files in binary otherwise you may have a problem later on. Depending on which FTP program you have, usually in the option setting you will see something there for ASCII and also binary. Once you have uploaded your files to the root directory just simply go to the URL and in my example it’s: and you should see the following screen.








  • For the most part this particular section is going to try to create your configuration file. Nine times out of 10 it doesn’t work and you will have to do this manually. So let’s just go ahead and do it manually. Of the files you have uploaded to the root directory there is a file by the name of “202-config-sample.php”. We are going to add our database configuration information to this file. $dbname = ‘test’, $dbuser = ‘center3boyd_pmtuser’, $dbpass = ‘jja)shb%jawH’ and leave the rest as is. SAVE THIS FILE AS “202-config.php” and upload it to the root with the rest of the files. So let’s just click the link and then click “Let’s go!”.
  • siteup2







  • If you get the database page, just file it out with the same database information and “Submit” it and install.








  • This part take seconds, so you’ll then need to add a login user and password to be able to log into Prosper202. This can be any user name you want.























  • Click the “Install Prosper202” and you’re off. Just click the like to log in.










  • After you log in, just click on Tracking202 and that’s it. You may have noticed and unable to connect in my image. That’s specific to me because I disallow certain websites in my host file.
  • siteup10









  • Hope this helps.
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