How to Start Your Own Home Cell Phone Business on a shoestring budget

Man and ChildrenStarting a cell phone business can be overwhelming and quite difficult to say the least. First of all you need a location and that location needs to have plenty of foot traffic. You need to stocking inventory, hires people who won’t steal from you, get an accountant and sign contracts with the major cell phone providers. There’s still more, you have to get a license to run the business and file for your federal employees number along with some other things. If you don’t have a substantial cash flow to keep the business afloat until you can start making money, you’re only going to be out of business as fast as you got in.

Here’s an idea with a company that has in its first six months accumulated over 180,000 customers. This company offers what is called social commerce which allows you to be able to profit from all of their efforts, and yours of course. The company is called Solavei and you can start your cell phone business on a shoestring budget; $49/Month * No Contract * No Activation Fee * No Credit Checks *Unlimited Voice * Text & Data on a Nationwide 4G Network. Included Services: 3-Way Conference Calling, Caller ID, FREE 411, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Voicemail.

First thing you would need to do is sign up for Solavei by going to here and clicking “JOIN NOW” and follow the simple guide to proceed with enrollment. If you just want to participate in the compensation plan and do not want to sign up for the service for a let’s say you’re still in a contract it’s too expensive to cancel. You can still participate in the compensation plan by signing up to become a social member without service $149 annually; that amounts to a little bit over $12 a month. When you sign up, you will be asked to create a username and password. This username should be something that stands out and it is something that tells a potential customer what you are doing, example: freecellservice. The username you provide will be the username for your website which will look like; This is the address you will use to sign customers up for the service under you. This is how you get credit for each of your sales. Sign up for the service right now, you don’t even need a cell phone to do it, however you need a cell phone to participate in the program if you’re not a social member without service. You will not be billed until you activate your cell phone so let’s not worry about that part right now.

If you have your own GSM unlocked cell phone and want to move it to the Solavei network, then you will be able to get started right away. If you do not, locate a phone by going to and they will come configured for the Solavei network and a SIM card will come along with them. If you have to order the cell phone, still get the service before you get your phone, sign up for the service and as soon as the phone arrives activate your phone by going to

Now, 15 days after activation you’re in business to start referring Solavei without any inventory, employees or storefront, you are now in business and ready to start marketing. The only thing needed at this point is to start sharing the service and or business opportunity. Solavei offers a lucrative financial opportunity and the only thing that is required is your efforts. Remember, you will only get out of it, what you put into it.

What I would recommend is that you use what they have in path pay as your markers. Everybody needs a goal and these markers to me are the best goals to use. Understanding the compensation plan is relatively simple it is just a trio; three customers. Simply put, refer three that sign up under you and you receive $20. This is truly a simple process and for your second level you get $10. The second level are those that you have signed up also signed up someone underneath them.

So to make this quite simple your first mile marker would be what’s called a social partner. Once you reach social partner you will receive a monthly path pay of $250. This is path pay, not the residual which you will be receiving as well for those efforts. Your next mile marker after that will be social thousandaire which you will receive $1000 in path pay each month, again not to mention the residual pay. By this time you will be well aware of how lucrative the opportunity is and will not need anyone else to explain it to you.

Check out the video:

So now you know how to start your own cell phone business on a shoestring budget. Using this process it is not hard and you can make a substantial amount of money. Social Executive have a monthly path pay of $20,000. Let’s work together to get to this point. Sign up now and get started.





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