Easy Steps To More Squeeze Page Sales

Squeeze (Small)Email marketing list for any business is essential. These are targeted individuals that are interested in your product and more likely to buy what you have to offer. In the olden days businesses used businesses used direct marketing, business reply and telemarketing to achieve such email marketing list. Other forms of building a customer base would be renting mailing list from companies that are huge and willing to sell it.

Today the Internet has woven itself into our everyday activities but the need for an essential list has not changed. What has changed is the way we go about acquiring potential customers. A squeeze page also known as a landing page is more like a funnel to achieve the most targeted individual weeding out curiosity seekers. Squeeze pages will go through a series of messages or videos that will peak the potential customers interest and the more videos or messages that reader reviews, the likelihood that they are interested in your product or service.

When you designing a squeeze page it should have some of these characteristics.

  • Have a Great Title: A great title is essential for a squeeze page. It is one of the first things that a reader sees and must draw them in. In some sense, it is a good idea to ask a question in the title and then in the body of the article, answer that question. Your title should always refer to what is in the body of your article and not leave the reader hanging.
  • Provide a Product or Service that Needs to Ask for Information: If you have a squeeze page that doesn’t provide a service or have a product that needs to ask for information, then your squeeze page may be useless. Offer a product or service that requires the user to add their email address so they can receive that product, such as an e-book.
  • Design a Great-looking Page: I have seen some squeeze pages that look like a four-year-old child with no Internet skills have created it. Not much is going to happen with that page, as we hurry up to click off to a new one. There are free tools on the Internet that will help you design and customize a professional looking high converting squeeze page.
  • To the point: most Internet readers usually want to get straight to the point so it’s a good idea in your squeeze page to do just that. Tell the reader what’s in it for them, benefits and what they need to do to get those benefits.
  • Price is important: Squeeze pages can be used for a number of products and services including things that cost money. However, you always want to research the price that you charge and whatever price you come up with, charge less.
  • Free: There is no better price than free. If you can provide a service and or product such as an e-book for free, it is a good idea to give that away as long as that product has a valuable content. If you are giving away a two-page report that almost has no value content, then you will only irritate your reader and perhaps lose a potential customer for life.
  • Request form: Your information request form should request as little as possible. For instance, to send an e-book to someone you really only need their first name and their email address. The reason you need their first name is so that you can probably addressed them as opposed to hey, here is your e-book. If you request too much information, you will scare people off because most people do not want to give information to a website they have no knowledge about.
  • Call to Action: A squeeze page is useless without a call to action. You need to direct your reader to do something such as enter their first name and email address to receive an eBook, product or service. In your call to action one technique you could use and that is “scarcity” if in fact you have a limited selection.
  • Email Opt in or Out: Always provide an Opt in or opt out option for your reader. If your reader decides to opt out, then that should be pretty much the end of it. You don’t want to annoy your reader because that very same reader may still be interested in other things you have to offer on your website, but just don’t want to receive any more emails. You’d be surprised at how many mailing list do not actually honor opt outs.
  • Over Marketing: Once you receive your readers name and email address, do not over market to them. No one wants to get emails from anyone every day of the week. Especially when they are long and require research in order to go through the entire article that is being sent. Schedule your auto responders for reasonable time frames like once a month or every two weeks is reasonable. I get some emails from some list every day and I don’t have time to read every last one of them. Needless to say, I only wind up unsubscribing even if the website has valuable material because they are flooding me with emails.

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