Apply These 11 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Blog

1SecretTechniquesImage (Mobile)Sometimes when putting your blog together the simple things can pass you by. We spend a lot of time designing and thinking about what we want our blogging niche to be, but not a lot of time placed in areas that we need to concentrate in. Yes, appearance is definitely an important factor when putting together your blog. Recognition is also important and by recognition I mean recognizing you as an expert.

Although building a blog can an easy process to start, it can be a huge process to move up the ladder from let’s say a starting point of over 3 million in ranking. So what is a new blogger supposed to do with a small budget and not so many skills?

Free WordPress Themes:

Themes are what makes the world go around. Yes, themes is also what makes WordPress car around and the better the theme the more impressive the website. The problem these days is that it’s hard to find good quality free themes that look professional. Most of the themes that you find, but not all look like toys or not useful enough to run as a professional website or a blogging website.

However, if you look around hard enough you will find that there are plenty of sites that are hidden away and few bloggers are aware of them.


Search Engine Optimization seems to be some pretty big words running around the Internet. However, when you have a WordPress blog, it’s easy to locate plug-ins that will do all of the hard work for you. Whatever do try to do search engine optimization because you want your website to be seen by millions? What good is having a website if no one ever sees it?


Everybody loves some cool videos. If I look at myself, I’m more of a pictorial type of person and I like visual presentations and videos. You can learn a lot from visual presentations and videos and I encourage you to add those to your website in one way or another. For one, WordPress easily integrates with YouTube just by simply adding the URL to your blog posting page. It is nicely formatted and all you need are a few good lines and a driving title; presto and you have a great visual demonstration.


In any blogging post I write about, content is key. However, content does not always have to come from you, there is valuable content that you can get from other sites; with permission and returning links. No matter what type of blogging platform or blogging niche you become an expert in, always have valuable content for the reader. Writing your own post is usually best and allow you to become more of an professional in your area. Not only that, you have to do the research in any topic that you choose to write about and that allows you to become more submerged in that topic. You can’t just write any old thing and expect people to believe you. Interesting enough, your readers will see through your Glasshouse if you do not focus on your niche and dive in deep to create content with substance.

An easy way to think about this is to write something that people can get something out of it. You can almost pick any topic you want, just make it useful. If you are writing about WordPress plug-ins, then stay on topic and demonstrate how the user can install a WordPress plug-in for example. There are many readers on the Internet and as simple as WordPress plug-ins appears, there is always someone who doesn’t know how to do this and is looking for the answer.


When you have a blog and/or website, sometimes you are involved in so much that you do not have time to write articles, however, there is a solution and it’s called Private Label Rights. Simply put, you can purchase the content that you want to have on your site and this could be in the form of eBooks, videos and articles. There is the ability to get free articles, but they are not usually focused on exactly what you want and also have links to other users that you really don’t want either. Usually, the fees are very small for a license of a bunch of articles.

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