Who Is James Statom?

James the Blogger, full time worker and entrepreneur. James Statom landed onto the blogging scene as something that could be fun and could also help others that are looking for specific content on how to create a blog. James is not just the ordinary blogger, he’s also a network engineer working in information technology configuring routers and switches. He also has two businesses; one being an independent associate for the Viridian network ID: 35771 (www.viridian.com) helping people to save money on there energy bill. He also has another business with Solavei marketing cell phone service (www.earntriopay.com).

In searching the Internet James realized that there are a lot of people out there that want to learn how to create and write blogs so he decided that it would be a good challenge to show them how. Considering, he had firsthand knowledge of how to do it and this would be a good challenge. James the Blogger is a people person.